A National Resource for Advanced Undersea Testing, Innovation, and Collaboration

Underwater with bubbles floating to surface

A National Resource for Advanced Undersea Testing, Innovation, and Collaboration

Speed to Impact at Sea

Testing marine technologies at sea is expensive and difficult. Conducting in-water testing prior to launching costly at-sea experiments radically reduces risk, and sharing access to resources reduces costs and increases agility. MITRE’s BlueTech Lab and capabilities help the community and the nation accelerate new solutions for national security and climate resiliency.

Together, we are enabling greater understanding of the world’s oceans. 

Featuring the longest and one of the largest tanks in the Northeast U.S. 


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What We Do

About the BlueTech Lab

MITRE’s BlueTech Lab is a testing facility located in Bedford, Massachusetts that enables the regional BlueTech innovation community to rapidly prototype new technology quickly and safely.

Featuring one of the largest and longest tanks in the region (106’ x 40’ x 19’7″), with a capacity of 621,000 gallons—the BlueTech Lab’s test tank accommodates the use of unmanned undersea and surface vehicles in a large, controlled space and provides the ability to test communication and acoustic sensing systems at lower transmission frequencies and larger signal pulse-widths than other facilities.

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Unlocking the Ocean’s Mysteries

BlueTech Lab Accelerates Maritime Innovation

Latest News & Events

North Atlantic Right Whale swimming
January 9, 2024
News Release (NOAA)

Biden-Harris Administration announces new partnership to develop North Atlantic right whale protection technologies as part of Investing in America agenda

Inflation Reduction Act makes new funding available through NOAA Fisheries to conserve and recover endangered species

MITRE BlueTech team and MITRE leaders cutting ribbon at BlueTech opening

November 20, 2023

News Release

MITRE Opens State-of-the-Art BlueTech Lab

The 620,000-gallon test tank is a national resource for undersea testing, collaboration, and innovation.

Members of MassRobotics working at a desk

November 13, 2023

Impact Story

BlueTech and Beyond: MITRE’s Commitment to Next Generation STEM Talent

In 2023, MITRE’s BlueTech, Corporate Social Innovation, and STEM Council teams hosted campus visits and interactive learning sessions for students of all ages as part of our commitment to providing early STEM education.

BlueNERVE™ Network

MITRE’s Global NERVE is a shared network for a wide range of technical activity, connecting MITRE’s labs to external partners. BlueNERVE is a dedicated network for maritime innovation that resides inside the Global NERVE environment providing unique institutional capabilities and infrastructure for real-time testing and collaboration across organizations in the maritime domain.

The BlueNERVE network increases collaboration, accelerates new technology development, and fosters innovation throughout the BlueTech ecosystem furthering our advancement of economic, climate, and national security priorities.

BlueNERVE is actively seeking contributors to join in our efforts. Reach out to us if you are interested in learning more about how your organization can participate in building a dedicated, global network that will significantly enhance maritime data collection, analysis, and application.

Email: BlueNERVE@mitre.org

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